We welcome your application

We are looking for families who are committed to Christ, their church, and to the Godly upbringing of their children. If this is you we welcome your application (see links below).

You need to be aware that places at our school are limited and that we operate a waiting list. Preference is given to families according to their connection with the special character of the school in accordance with our statement of beliefs.

School Fees

Annual fees of $850 per student are payable to the Hawke’s Bay Christian School Association (HBCSA) spread over the year with a payment due at the beginning of each term. Automatic payments can be arranged with the Treasurer. These are not dealt with by the school but directly through the HBCSA.


Voluntary Donations

The Hawke’s Bay Christian School Association (the Proprietor) request voluntary donations to assist with development of buildings and property. The amount per annum is based on the number of children attending from a family:

1 child $300 per year
2 children $500 per year
3 children $650 per year
4 or more children $750 per year